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Cape Coral Beach - Panorama


Ft.Myers Beach

A gigantic, beautiful beach is waiting for you with its own special flair. Restaurants, bars, souvenir shops. On the pier you can watch the most beautiful sundowns and once in a while, Ft.Myers Beach even is visited by dolphins.

Sanibel Island

A paradise for seashell-collectors. It seeems, as if there's more seahells than sand on the beachfront.
See the supervillas of the upper class or just relax on the beach.


Caribic flair with wooden houses, the marina and seafood-restaurants. A sleepy island on your way to "Pine Island". Slow down and relax is the motto here. Simple houses, campgrounds and nice people are representative for it. Marinas and bait-shops supply you with everything you need for deep-sea fishing. . In the area north of Matlacha are known as famous fishing grounds.

Pine Island

One of the so-called "barrier islands" in front of Cape Coral. Here, too, everything is a little more simple and slowed-down than in Cape Coral.In the southern part of the island you can see fantastic properties and houses right on the oceanfront with sailing boats and huge Yachts on the canal behind the house.You can get the best fish and seafood in the waterfront restaurant on the far end of the street. It has a simple design and and the guests write comments or draw cartoons on the tablecloth which is torn and pinned to the wall when there is no more room for writings on it.


The everglades, Flroida's huge national park start right around the corner. Here you should definitely try an "airboat-ride" offered by numerous people there. You go on an airboat-journey through the swamps and watch alligators, raccoons and in certain times of the year even Florida's natives, the manatees.


This is where the high society meets. While Cape Coral calls the slogan "it´s just paradise" its own, Naples even tops that. Exclusive shopping boulevards with the most fashionable boutiques await the customer and his credit card. But there is a less expensive way: Just watching is free.

Key West

Already the car drive is an experience of its own.You cross the keys and the endless seven-mile-bridge. Alternativley, you may take a boat-tour from Cape Coral. Onca arrived in Key West, caribic flair welcomes you.You are now in the most souithern part of the United States. When the night comes, Key West awakes and you can hear and see street artists and musicians, or visit a bar or a discotheque and dance to music of all different kinds.


The home of Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse. Approximately 2,5 hours by car away from Cape Coral. Very much worth seeing. Here the attractions always try to top each other.A bigger, more exciting and more beautiful adventure park every year. What can be seen around the Orlando area almost deserves an extra-holiday. Our recommendation: 5 days Orlando and then relax in your villa.